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RiverStar Farms offers schools and organizations the opportunity to raise money through its Fundraising Program. We offer only the finest products available designed to maximize the profit for your organization.

We’ve been in business since 1992 and continue to grow, learn and explore new ways of assisting our customers. The entire staff of RiverStar Farms is a close-knit group of professionals.

Dedicated customer service and excellent support from your fund-raising company is paramount to your fundraising success. At RiverStar Farms, we’re ready to visit with you via telephone or if you like, have a friendly Sales Partner come by and talk with you in person. Either way, we’re here with you every step of the way.

From kick-off to delivery, the entire team at RiverStar Farms is committed to making your fundraising campaign a complete and total success! Besides financial success, the most important part of fundraising is to make it a fun experience for everyone involved.

How it Works

For Teachers

RiverStar provides a secure dedicated web site for teachers to log in and place orders directly. Teachers can also view and track orders placed by students via their dedicated, mobile friendly ordering site.

If you prefer, you can place orders by telephone, but you will still have access to the site where you can view these orders and set your selling prices.

And don't forget that we pre-sort all of our frozen orders by student name. Pre-sorting for frozen orders completed by the season deadline, makes for easy delivery and distribution. Orders arrive in pre-labeled boxes by student name. Each students order is complete and guaranteed for accuracy. Less stress and lots of extra time for the coordinators and advisors!

Take a look at our videos for more information.

For Students

PhoneRiverStar has developed an easy to use ordering site for students, which they can access from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC with internet access.

In addition to placing new orders, students can also keep track of their existing orders and share a dedicated unique link with friends, relatives, and other customers. Any orders placed via their unique link will be attributed to them and count towards their personal fund-raising total.


Our signature line of citrus and other holiday favorite fruits has a variety to attract any customer. We offer oranges, grapefruit, apples, pears, lemons, limes, avocados, clementines, sausage, and cheese. All packed into generous size boxes. Customers can choose their favorite fruit or have a mixed box for the family.


Procured from the finest processors, we offer the finest cuts of the industry. Turkeys and hams for the holiday dinner table and all of the staples as well. Don’t forget to stock up!


Our variety of sweets is sure to please anyone. Cookies, cheesecake, cakerolls, and a full line of popcorn favorites, mmmm…mmmm…good. Get an extra one just because.

MORE ...

For the organizations that want something a little different, we have introduced an excellent line of coffees and teas, as well as an outstanding line of BBQ rubs and spices. We also offer a generous line of soy blended candles with home filling scents. All of these items are available to sell in fall or spring and can be accessed through the mobile link system just like our fruits, meats, and desserts.

Our in-class sale items include our student approved snack sticks, our signature chocolate and candy line, as well as individual serving popcorn. Try these to maximize your fundraising efforts without the strain on the local community.

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